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Saturn's Big Move!

Saturn - that HUGE, cool planet with the ring around it - moves very slowly around the 12 signs of the zodiac.  In fact, it takes about two and a half years to move through, or "transit," each sign.  And on December 23, 2014, Saturn moved out of Scorpio and into the next constellation, or zodiac sign, over: Sagittarius. 

This is HUGE astro news. It means that Scorpios have completed their rare "Saturn transit" and now Sagittarians are starting theirs.  Saturn transits are our once-every-35-year transformation cycles and can shake up our lives to make them right.  Once our Saturn transit ends, our life should be on a good track and the universe should have placed us in a better (optimal) space.   

Although Saturn's slow roll through Sagittarius over the next 2+ years will affect Sagittarians the most  (anytime a significant planet travels through a constellation, it affects the members of that constellation's sign), ALL signs will be affected by Saturn in a specific area of life (love, health, home, career, etc.), depending on which zodiac house is represented by Sagittarius in one's birth chart:

Aries: Saturn in the 9th house (travel, learning & justice)

Taurus: Saturn in the 8th house (intimacy, other people's money, rebirth & regeneration)

Gemini: Saturn in the 7th house (relationships & partnerships)

Cancer: Saturn in the 6th house (health, service & daily routines)

Leo: Saturn in the 5th house (children, entertainment, creativity & fun)

Virgo: Saturn in the 4th house (home & family)

Libra: Saturn in the 3rd house (communication & relatives)

Scorpio: Saturn in the 2nd house (money, self worth & security)

Sagittarius: Saturn in the 1st house (everything about YOU is in positive transition!)

Capricorn: Saturn in the 12th house (seclusion, secrets, the subconscious mind & spirituality)

Aquarius: Saturn in the 11th house (hopes, wishes, friends & groups)

Pisces:  Saturn in the 10th house (career & success) 

Saturn: Ruling Planet of Capricorn

Capricorn? Get ready for major transition starting in 3 years! Begin manifesting exactly what you want NOW! 

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