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Sacred Sage Kit


Sacred Sage Kit


Kit contains 1 authentic sacred white sage stick, 1 selenite crystal, and a smudging dish intuitively selected for each customer. Plus instructions for use.

Sage smoke is the oldest and purest substance for clearing the negative energy around a person, group or space. The burning of sage for a beneficial purpose is called cleansing or smudging. The Latin for sage, Salvia, stems from to heal. Other qualities of sage include: wisdom, clarity & increased spiritual awareness or intuition.

Selenite is a crystal believed to enhance mental clarity & decision making, & is also known to bring a state of peace. As with all gemstones, this crystal can be re-charged by the light of the moon.

Zodiac offers in-home & in-office cleansings; prices vary, but are usually $150-200 depending on building size, age, purpose of cleansing, etc. 

Email: ZodiacShop@att.net for a consultation or to schedule.


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This kit contains one large, sacred sage wand (typically good for 3-4 uses), a crystal, a vintage karma ashtray, and instructions for use. You can also google "instructions for the smudging of sage," and of course, the information you get is the information specifically intended for you.

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