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Astrology is the study of the positions of celestial bodies (planets & stars) at a certain time & place, and how their movements influence life on earth & correspond to events experienced on a human scale.

Astrological Signs (aka Horoscope or Zodiac signs) represent the twelve 30-degree segments or divisions of the zodiac - 12 constellations of stars that link together to form a complete belt around the planets. 

According to astrological legend, celestial phenomena reflect or govern human activity on the principle of "as above, so below," so that the 12 signs are held to represent 12 basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression. 

Visit Zodiac to learn more about your astrological sign and what it means about your personality, your relationships, and your approach to life. Get a personalized reading based on your date, place, and time of birth!

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Aries  3/21 - 4/19


3/21 - 4/19

Taurus  4/20 - 5/20


4/20 - 5/20

Gemini  5/21 - 6/20


5/21 - 6/20

Cancer  6/21 - 7/22


6/21 - 7/22

Leo  7/23 - 8/22


7/23 - 8/22

Virgo  8/23 - 9/22


8/23 - 9/22

Libra  9/23 - 10/22


9/23 - 10/22

Scorpio  10/23 - 11/21


10/23 - 11/21

Sagittarius  11/22 - 12/21


11/22 - 12/21

Capricorn  12/22 - 1/19


12/22 - 1/19

Aquarius  1/20 - 2/18


1/20 - 2/18

Pisces  2/19 - 3/20


2/19 - 3/20

 Were You Born On A Cusp? 

Your Sun Sign represents the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. The Sun moves from one sign to the next on a different date each year. The cusp dates are specific to a particular year. The Sun rules willpower and ego. It is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual - who you are and what you are about.

The main direction and focus you want your life to take and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do is inspired by your Sun sign. It represents your personal honesty and integrity, your ability to command respect and authority, and your capacity to impress and influence others.

If you are born on a cusp, you will incorporate the energies of both signs. Read on to find out if you were born on a cusp, and if so, what that means for you. Click below to jump to the specific cusp.

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