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Birth Chart or "Destiny" of   LeBron James   Cap Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

Birth Chart or "Destiny" of  LeBron James  Cap Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

Our destiny lies in the placement of the planets & stars at the moment of our birth. 


A Birth Chart (also called a Natal Chart, Zodiac Chart or Star Chart) reflects the "astrological" factors at play in the universe at the moment of your birth and holds significant indicators about your personality and your potential.  Your astrological "make up," which is written in the stars and can be interpreted by reading your Birth Chart, is what ancient people viewed as your destiny.  Your Birth Chart can show how the alignment of the planets, at the time of your birth and now, influences your character and personality, your relationships, and your life path.

Discover the areas in life where you show natural talent and can achieve easy success, and how to turn your challenges into your greatest assets, with a revealing reading of your Birth Chart.  Schedule on the form below!

Birth Chart Pricing

Star Chart & Report with Reading:
$55 (15+ mins, includes Personality, Emotional, Relationship, Career & Life Path indicators)

This is a GREAT reading to do in a group of 3 or more (up to 12)!


Star Chart & Report w Reading + 1-Year Forecast:
$75 (4 pgs/30+ minutes) 


Relationship Compatibility Reading (includes each person's Star Chart & Report):
$125 (8 pgs/45+ minutes)

 Group Readings make any get-together more fun!  Email ZodiacShop@att.net to schedule Star Chart Readings for any size group.  Astrology is one of the few psychic reading styles that is just as much fun in the context of a group as it is one-to-one. And everyone learns the tools using their own phone, so you leave w/ a hobby that you have fun with later & can teach to others! 

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Our destiny lies in the placement of the planets & stars at the moment of our birth. 


Order your authentic Zodiac Birth Chart & Report by email @  zodiacshop@att.net.  Just provide your Name,

Birth Date, Birth Time (IF available), and Birth City & State or Country. 

Birth Charts can be third-party mailed as gifts too, & include a birthday card

in the Zodiac Sign of the birthday king or queen, with YOUR personal message!

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