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Pisces the Fish is the sign of mysticism and the spiritual unknown.

Pisces' live in two worlds: the real world, and the spiritual or mystical world where they interpret what they see into what they want. They do this to avoid all the realities of pain and suffering in the world. They have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively.

Pisces have formidable intuitive ability. Most Pisces' are somehow involved with the occult or spiritualism. Pisces are very good at understanding people for they have the ability to delve into the psyche and see behind a person's motivations.

Pisces are prone to drug addiction and indulgent lifestyles because of their eternal search for themselves, and their fear of confrontation and having to change a situation; they could justify drug use by using it to get closer with their 'spiritual selves.' Once they are aware this is why they are doing it, it will be easier to kick the habit.

Pisces are not the pushovers that they may seem. In fact they have strength of character and will stand up for what they believe in; they will work hard for something they believe in. They can sometimes be lazy or idle, but only in matters that they do not care about. Pisces is thought to be the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.

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Friends and Family

Gentle Pisces make some of the best friends there are. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends ahead of their own. Loyal, dedicated, supportive and compassionate, no problem is too big for the Pisces to take on. Big or small, when a challenge arises for family or friend, they will be there in every capacity possible to make things better. Deeply intuitive, Pisces can often sense when something is askew long before anything is said.

Pisces are expressive by nature and don't hesitate to let those around them know how they feel. It's not surprising for a Pisces to write a song for someone, or to buy a gift that is heartfelt and meaningful. They prefer others to be as open with them as they are. Communication with loved ones is considered most important.

Career and Money

Intuitive and often dreamy, the Pisces is most comfortable in positions that bring their creative natures into humanitarian causes. Some good careers for this sign are lawyer, architect, veterinarian, musician, social worker, and game designer. The key phrase for this sign is "I believe." It's important for the Pisces to feel strongly about their endeavors.

Inspired by the need to make a difference in the lives of those they touch, the Pisces is most charitable and will often go way above and beyond the call of duty. Sensitive, deeply compassionate, hardworking, dedicated, and reliable, this is one sign that really knows how to get to the heart of the matter. They can be excellent problem solvers.

For the most part, Pisces don't give money too much thought. They are more concerned with their dreams and goals than with money. Yet, because this is often a component to reaching their aspirations, the Pisces will ensure they have the money they need. They can be of two minds in this area. On one hand the Pisces will spend, spend, spend with little thought, and on the other hand they can become quite miserly. Yet in the end, there'll always be enough to do what they want in life.

Love and Sex

Deep within the Pisces beats the heart of the diehard romantic. Loving, tender, and exceptionally giving, this sign cherishes intimacy deeply. They are passionate lovers that need to feel a real connection with their mates. Quick flings and superficial interludes do not bide well for the Pisces whatsoever. In relationships, they are fiercely loyal and doting. They love to give gifts and to make the person in their life feel like a million dollars. Nothing is too good for the Pisces' love interest!

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