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Zodiac_614 is a network of psychic services offering a variety of intuitive specialties including Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palm, Mediumship, Feng Shui, & Tea Leaf readings. House blessings, office blessings, pet communication, and sage cleansings are also available. Our expertise is in helping clients select the best psychic style for their needs or preferences.

Private reading rates vary by psychic, reading style & length of reading. A typical psychic reading with most Zodiac-affiliated psychics is 30 minutes @ $65. Event rates are typically $100-120/hour, with nominal travel fees. We can send up to six psychics to party or corporate event.

Psychics are not affiliated with or recommended by Zodiac unless they are deemed authentic, accurate, and legitimate based on the three hallmarks of any quality psychic reader: 1) Accuracy  2) Style  3) Repeat Clients. A legitimate psychic will never ask for more money to solve a problem or a curse, and you should never leave your valuables with a psychic.

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About Psychic Readings

Traditionally known as "Fortune Telling" or "Reading the Future," there are many types of psychic or extra-sensory readings employed by those who claim to have psychic abilities (enhanced intuition).  A professional psychic may have one or more specialized areas of expertise that they use to enhance their intuition, using tools such as tarot cards, astrology charts (for horoscopes), numerology, guardian angels or spirit guides, palm reading, past-life reading, aura reading, feng shui, or any number of other methods, the crystal ball being the most well known of all devices.

Like Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo (Gemini), some psychics are also considered "mediums" because they claim to mediate communication between spirits of persons or animals who have passed and human beings.  There are several different variants of mediumship, including séances and when the medium simply hears or feels messages and passes them on.  

Relationship Questions? Your loved one's thoughts, actions and motivations may be a mystery now, but the answers to all of your questions are out there, waiting to come through in your palms, the cards, your astrology, or through messages from your spirit guides. A psychic reader can tap into deep spiritual energies to uncover the secrets of your relationship. People of all faiths since the beginning of time have consulted the spirit world to get the guidance & perspective they needed.

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House Blessings

"Reset" the energy in your home by removing unwanted energy & by cleansing the remaining energy for a healthy environment moving forward.  A House Blessing is perfect for new home owners, or for cleansing the space in an existing home to promote peace and happiness after an unhappy or unsettling event.  Customers report feeling much "easier" and "lighter" in their homes after a house blessing, and many customers have their home blessed every year. 

Your spring cleaning isn't complete without it!  House blessings also help everyone rest well.  House blessings are especially useful after a divorce or separation, after a huge party or event when lots of people were in the house, or anytime someone moves in or out.  

A Few of Our Psychics

Here are some of our recommended authentic Psychic Readers who have been reading with Zodiac’s network for a long time! We also love to welcome guest psychics, authors, and spiritual influencers from around the country for special events.

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