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Relationships are tricky. But they can be a lot easier when we understand each other's zodiac sign. Not all men are from Mars, nor women from Venus. Certain zodiac signs have Mars influences (Aries & Scorpio), while others are influenced by Venus (Taurus & Libra), regardless of gender. The following love-match sites are those we recommend most frequently to our Zodiac customers, and although they are typically written in male-female prose, male-male or female-female works too in the case of same-sex couples! We're all the same to the stars! 



For an in-depth compatibility reading or to find out what's really going on in a relationship, schedule an astrology reading, palm reading, or tarot card reading by one of Zodiac's authentic psychics! Both partners can be present for a fun date night, but both don't have to be if one partner is simply seeking clarity or direction.

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